September 8, 2009

Amory Mississippi: Through the Windshield Video

by Terry Thornton

The short video above was made Sunday, September 6, 2009. On a very early morning drive through Amory, I held my digital camera for this look at the downtown area. The view is from the driver's seat of my car looking north up Main Street (Highway 25) through the heart of Amory's original business district. This route passes Frisco Park (on the left) and landmark buildings such as the Park Hotel (on the right). The video ends as I drove past the curve in Vinegar Bend on the north end of Main Street.

The noise is from my car --- and the music is something that was playing on my audio system. And, yes, Amory has lots of signal lights --- just none in the downtown area.

Enjoy this early morning look at Amory, Mississippi, September 2009.

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