September 5, 2009

A HILL COUNTRY HOOTIE HOO: Bill of No Rights is by a Mississippian


A few days ago I received one of those emails which gets forwarded over and over again. I was interested in reading it as it addressed a specific Bill of Non-Rights for those citicizens who get confused about what the "Bill of Rights" is really all about.

The email sending this little jewel of political wisdom attributed the words to a politician in Georgia --- but it appears that a Mississippian named Lewis Napper wrote the piece in 1993. attributes the words to Mr. Napper rather than to the politician from Georgia.

Seems to me that Mr. Napper's words bear reading again --- in, fact, seems to me that the sixteen year-old essay has, as they say, "aged" to perfection.

I recommend that you go to Google and do a search for "Lewis Napper" + Mississippi + Bill of No-Rights. Last I did that search I got more than 800 hits --- and many of them contains Mr. Napper's words. In fact, I recommend that you not only read Mr. Napper's words but that you send the link where you read them to everyone you know so they can read what this Mississippi Libertarian wrote sixteen years ago.

Seems to me that lots of folks need some "learnin' 'bout life" and how the Bill of Rights doesn't guarantee objects, money, health, pearly white straight teeth, jobs, beauty, mortgages, clunkers, houses or cabins at the lake, wealth, wisdom, or eternal salvation --- seems to me that some folks need to "get with the program."

I'm off my soapbox.

Link to Snopes article includes one version of the Napper Bill of No-Rights at

Link to Napper's Bill of No-Rights at

Terry Thornton
Fulton, Mississippi

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