September 19, 2009

A Hill Country Hootie Hoo: Country saying from Judy Carruth

by Terry Thornton

My Sweetie served a new-to-us recipe yesterday giving me the perfect opportunity to use a country saying send by Judy Carruth of Hamilton, Alabama. Judy who is formerly of Amory says her Monroe County families were from the Becker and Quincy areas. She quotes her Grandmother Funderburg as saying when commenting on the "goodness" of a thing, "Why, it's better 'n snuff 'n ain't half as dusty."

Imagine Sweetie's look of surprise when she asked me what I thought of the new dish after I tried a bite of the new recipe she had lovely prepared. My reply was Grandma Funderburg's country saying. Oh, the look I got from Sweetie was priceless.

Youall use Judy's Grandma's saying soon --- I promise you a "Why it's better than snuff and aint' half as dusty" will solicit a reaction.

I am looking forward to the next trip to the restaurant --- the waitress is gonna be surprised when she asks me for the umpteenth time "How is your meal?"

Thanks, Judy, for sharing this good country saying.

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