September 23, 2009

Smithville Mississippi Through the Windshield Video

Click the start button above to view Smithville Mississippi: Through the Windshield Video. Shot from the front seat of my car as I drove north on Highway 25 beginning just south of the Smithville City limits, the video stops at the old crossroads where the Smith House and trading store were once located. The sounds heard are music playing on my car's radio system and the gasoline/electric motors of my hybrid automobile.

The video starts as the road passes by soybean fields (the Wax Farm) just south of town, and then moves into the city (note limits sign on the right) passing residential areas and into town. The post-office, city hall, Mississippi Railroad tracks, and several business are seen including the Smithville Telephone Company --- and the video ends just past downtown.

The old artesian well once in the center of downtown is no longer visible. When it dried up, it was plugged with a light-pole which stood in the middle of the street giving Smithville one of its most memorable and much collided with landmarks. Today no remains of the flowing artesian well or of the light pole in the middle of the main street in the center of town are visible.

A few still photos and a little history of Smithville are included at the article Hill Country Places: Smithville (click to view).

Smithville Video, September 22, 2009. Terry Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi.

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